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Monday, January 31, 2011

2010 Audi A3 Best Gallery

A brand new generation of Audi’s premium compact, the A3 will be offered at the end of 2010. This car is intended to become the most attractive vehicle in the segment and will be offered in at least three different body types.

The first new A3 to go in production will be a 3-door sports hatch with a very dynamic line and an ascendant profile. The front will be even more dynamic than it currently is, and the rear will offer an inclined window. The other two will be a 5-door sedan and a convertible.

LEDs will be included in the front lights for daytime use, in the side mirrors and also in the rear as braking lights. The lateral protection strips will be eliminated for a cleaner design. The wheelbase will be slightly increased and the car will also be widened.

New petrol FSI and diesel TDI engines will be offered matched with brand-new gearboxes including a 7-gears dual clutch DSG transmission. A future S3 top model equipped with a turbo engine is expected to offer up to 300 bhp. Also not confirmed, an RS3 might also be possible.

2010 Audi A32010 audi a3 pics
2010 Audi A32010 audi a3 images

Inside information points that the next generation A3 will also offer hybrid propulsion, test mules from Audi and Volkswagen being currently in tests. The development of the hybrid models is less likely to be ready until 2010; therefore they will not be available at the initial launch of the A3. But they are expected to represent a key element in the popularity of the future model, offering the Audi performance with a low fuel consumption and significantly reduced pollution.

2010 Audi A32010 audi a3 pictures
2010 Audi A32010 audi a3

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