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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Best Custom Modification Mio Soul Contest 2010

New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept best low riders
Modifications Mio Soul 2010 Low Riders | Motor Yamaha Mio MODIF - Who says Yamaha Mio Soul can not appear hostile. Subagio from B Co, Cape Town, proved able to juggle the motor mount a similar concept. Modifications are done as very radical.
New Mio Soul Full Modification custom concept
Imagine, the original shape skutik production in 2010 was gone. In fact, it looks like a motorcycle concept. Subagio said wanted to launch his own works entirely different. "Indeed, the theme of sports skutik not new, but I still want to try to form his own," said Subagio.

Hence, he dismantle the entire body and create a new original with a galvanized plate material. When examined, the shape of the front like Jupiter MX135LC. Subagio also confirmed that he was imitating a duck ahead of Yamaha's models. "The MX is very sporty, fit with my concept," added the man from Malang is also a father with two children.

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