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Saturday, January 22, 2011


CDI new I-MAX can be purchased directly plug and turned on. Because in it there is already ignition curves (MAP), adjusted for daily motorcycle (standard). Special type of dual band filled MAP standards and road race.

In one package includes remote and manual. "I-MAX CDI

Before attempting to design ignition curves should first identify the features or commands on a remote I-MAX

Enter (read)
The 'Enter' to read the program that is in the CDI. Prior to setting the need to press 'Enter' first until it says 'Read'. Means programs that are in the CDI is being read. Wait a while until it says 'Ready' which means ready to apply the settings or designing the MAP.

When pressed the menu button once the note of IT-1 (ignition timing). Press once again changed the writing limiter. "Ignition timing for setting the ignition timing. There are 8 steps that must be filled. Limiter to determine the maximum engine speed limit. I-MAX limiter highest at 20 thousand rpm,

Especially on I-MAX dual band there are two programs, namely the ignition timing of the I-II and I-II limiter. You do this by connecting disconnect switch on the CDI I-MAP MAX dual band. MAP severity of such riders can do as you go along.

This key is to make changes. Before you replace the ignition timing numbers or spin machine must press the 'Edit' first.

Arrow up / down
After pressing the 'Edit' followed by increasing or decreasing the number of timing / rpm this by pressing the arrow keys.

Doing the 'Reset' can be done by pressing the 'Edit' and 'Enter' simultaneously. After reset, the timing of all steps (from 1 to 8) will default to 150. While the default limiter at 20 thousand

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