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Friday, February 18, 2011

2011 Audi Rs4 Nice Review

2011 Audi RS4 comfortable 5-passenger family vehicle appear as a sport.

Audi is one of the best brands in the world of unquestionable quality, at the Audi RS4 also reflects the quality of both the families of people who love hemde rate produced a tool to use. From the very first day seems a little below the cost of the car Compared to other luxury sports cars are the preferred ways in the RS4.

RS4′√ľn 4.2 liter engine. And twin-turbo V6 engine used. Audi RS4 acceleration time of just 4.9 seconds from 0-100 km. 6-speed manual gearbox driving the 2011 Audi RS4′de experience will be very good as it seems.
2011 Audi Rs4
2011 Audi Rs4

Audi RS4 ‘s brake system is very secure. A lot of people thought the Audi brake on the accuracy and provided better stopping. Anti-lock braking system with ABS brake system to prevent the vehicle from slipping and provides a safer driving experience.
2011 Audi Rs4
2011 Audi Rs4

Test the brake system, non-slip and perfect moments that you have to make a sudden stop to stop. Solved issues with 4-wheel drive like the car skidding.

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