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Monday, March 28, 2011

2011 audi a1 Topspeed Cars

Audi will launch the A1 compact car in 2009 at the Frankfurt Auto Show. A Cabriolet version will also be unveiled in October 2011. The future A1 will be placed above the TT, but under the A3, and wants to be the cheapest Audi in the line-up. The A1 Convertible will compete with BMW 1-Series Convertible, Mini Convertible and Volkswagen E

The A1’s design was inspired by the Shooting Brake Concept and is the production version of the Metroproject Quattro Concept unveiled last year at the Tokyo Auto Show.

4.Audi A1 Hatchback
Audi A1 Hatchback

Like the future Polo, the A1 will be built on an all-new platform. This means it will also be offered with the DSG transmission.

The A1 Convertible will be offered with the same engines as the A1 hatchback version: those from the TDI and FSI ranges. TSI and TFSI are expensive and performance orientated, which makes them less likely to be offered for the new Audi base model. Rumors also talk about a future hybrid version.

The design will be inspired by that of the 2005 Audi Shooting Brake concept, especially in the rear. Two or four doors will be offered for passenger access plus an extra door for the generously sized trunk. The general look of the car will be a sporty and dynamic one, a match for the already announced competitor, the Volvo C30.

3.Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept
Audi Metroproject Quattro Concept

To prove its Audi genes, the A1 will feature the single-frame front grille, a dynamic sideline, large size tires, short consoles and small side windows. Besides the hatchback, a roadster and a cabriolet are also considered to expand the A1 range.

The A1 will consistently cheaper than the A3 with prices ranging between $16,000-20,000. The cost reduction can be achieved due to the use of the new platform with a semi-rigid rear axle, a lot cheaper than the multi-link. In addition, the body will be made from steel, not aluminum, as used in the A2, further reducing production costs.

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