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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Modified Car Honda Jazz extrem

Cars with extreme modification car show usually only used for the race and on display. So do not be surprised if cars like this will not feel comfortable driving. Show extreme car modification enthusiasts do not care about comfort, but aesthetic. Satisfaction obtained not only when driving, but when people give comments and chuckle in awe.

In contrast to the elegant and the sport is limited to certain cars, modified cars of this type can use any type of car, including mini buses, trucks and pick ups. That's because extreme modifications to the car show contains elements of madness, where the impossible can become possible. For example, there is television in the light or there is an aquarium in the car. The key success of the show car is a must to attract the attention of many people.

According to Parin, a car like this mostly is not to be used, but for the race. Naturally when the level of difficulty in modify it higher, because the overhaul of all elements, both interior and exterior, and even cost up to hundreds of millions of dollars. This is only done by people who really crazy going modifications.

That is done by Henry Dianne P. Each saw the car Henry, people will surely wonder whether it's the car? Unmitigated, Henry cut the roof of the BMW 318i E46 so wide open. Since high school, shop manager Dianne This car has a feeling modification, Over time, Henry often follow the contest as an exhibition venue and car modification. Initially, he joined pamerar modifications in the paint category. Since then he began to be interested more in the field of car modification. "The first time I tried an experiment of paint, and from there I became interested to explore everything. Apparently many facets that can be revealed by a car, "

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