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Sunday, March 6, 2011

2012 Audi A4

2012 Audi A4

2012 Audi A4

2012 Audi A4 performance review

The 2012 Audi A4 is a four door vehicle that can be seat 5 passengers. The A4 is available in three versions, sedan, convertible and wagon. The A4 is powered by either of these two engines, a 2.0 Liter turbocharged engine that generates 207 horsepower or a 3.1 Liter V6 engine that generates 255 horsepower. While the sedan versions are only equipped with the Quattro All wheel drive, the sedan and convertible versions can choose between a four wheel and a Quattro All wheel drive. The versions equipped with the all wheel or four wheel drive can choose between a six speed manual transmission and a six speed automatic transmission.

The 2012 A4 sedan and wagon that are powered by the 2.0 Liter engine are equipped with 16 inch tires, a driver’s seat that is powered, a sunroof and a music system that can store 6 CDs/MPS and has 10 speakers. If one buys the 2012 A4 sedan or wagon powered by the 3.1 Liter engine, it is equipped with 17 inch tires, seats made of leather, front seats that are heated and a passenger seat in the front that is powered.

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