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Sunday, March 6, 2011

New 2010 Audi A8 Facelift (photo and details)

The next Audi A8 looks more luxury and elegant. Next-gen A8 planned as for a model year 2009, but a significant revision is due for 2010, and we should expect to see that car unveiled sometime during the upcoming show season.

At first new A8 will be on sale with 4.2 FSI / 372 hp and a 4.2 TDI / 340 hp engine. After that Audi followed by two six-cylinder (gasoline / diesel) with 3 liters and later a V10. On the Audi‘s W12 could renounce it lacks a hybrid drive. One sees the D4 internally referred obliquely newcomer from the rear.

Read more (photo)!!

The dashboard is more driver-oriented than before. As a world novelty is the absolutely draft automatic climate control. More facilities and better serve ergonomy the comfort and safety. The operating system has on the left side next to the dominant controller six Favorites keys, the right is the MMI for Radio/MP3/CD about the air conditioning with separate buttons.

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