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Sunday, May 29, 2011

2012 BMW M6

2012 BMW M6 - next generation M6 renderings
Update: Front photos added
The next generation BMW M6 is not due to be released until around 2012, but this doesn’t stop us speculating on how the next M6 might look like. One of our dear and talented readers, Giom, has created some 3D preview images of what the BMW M6′s design could turn out. The renderings show us a sexy and sleek design, with the rendered M6 sporting some 21″ wheels and rear headlights similar to the BMW CS Concept.
From the tiny bitty piece of information that came to to us a few months ago from BMW, we learned that the next generation M6, codenamed F12, might be sold in two different models: a regular M6 and a CSL M6. There will be also a debate on whether the next M6 should have a glass roof or the Carbon Fiber roof.
Of course, we’re still a little too early to know exactly what BMW has planned for us, so in the mean time, let’s focus on Giom’s renderings and hear your opinion on them.
Personally, I think the 3D images are great, I’m in love with the rear design, but I would love to see how the imaginary front end might look like. Oh, there is one thing I’m not sure if I dig: the bulge on the hood.

2012 BMW M6 - next generation M6 renderings

2012 BMW M6 - next generation M6 renderings
2012 BMW M6 - next generation M6 renderings

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