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Sunday, May 29, 2011

If the next generation 2012 BMW M5 looks like this….

I have no choice but to cut off all the extra spending, entertainment, showgirls, gadgets, you name it, so I can start saving money before the next generation BMW M5 will come out in 2012. No seriously, not even kidding this time…….
I don’t often get super excited about new models, it usually takes a while for a new bimmer to sink in and be accepted by me, but the moment I saw this rendering of the F10 BMW M5, I just fell in love. The design lines are just rights, very masculine and muscular, a wide body, extremely aggressive but yet still appealing even to the most conservative BMW fans – yes, I’m one of them.
But what I love the most about this new rendering is the fact that it does NOT resemble in any way the new 7 Series. I honestly got tired of seeing all those photoshops of the next 5er being based on the bodystyle of the 7 Series.
As many people close to BMW have said, the cars are absolutely different and the only slightly similar design element are the headlights.

The details on the next M5 are sketchy and the secret is well guarded behind metal doors in Munich, but what we can tell you at this time is that the BMW M5 will drop the famous naturally aspirated V10 engine in favor of a twin-turbo V8 similar to the one offered in the X5 M/X6 M. If that will be the case, the M5 will have a little bit over 550 horsepower under the hood and will be going after the Audi RS6 and its 572 horsepower.
As far as the release date, historically the M model of the 5 Series, is expected a year later after the launch of the regular 5 Series sedan, so we should expect the new M5 in the first half of 2011.
As usual, as soon as we hear more, you’ll be the first to know.

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