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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

chinese bang hairstyles

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  • hairstyles chinese bang

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    11-01 01:10 AM
    Former EBay CEO Meg Whitman is one of the leading contenders for the GOP nomination to succeed Arnold Schwarzeneger as governor of California. She's also just shown a little courage and made clear that she supports immigration reform that includes a path to legalization for the country's illegal immigrants. While the majority of voters in the state - indeed, across the country - support what Whitman is advocating, winning a GOP primary and being pro-immigration could be tougher.

    More... (

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  • malibuguy007
    09-11 02:36 PM
    Guys, I could use some suggestions here. I had filed for my and wife's EAD on July 30th. My wife wasn't working and my EAD is valid until mid-November. However recently my wife got a job offer and will starting work next week. Her EAD actually expires 15th Oct. Reading through posts it seems that the chances of her receiving EAD approval within 75 days is highly unlikely. Can anyone give suggestions on what is the best course of action to follow to ensure she doesn't have to take a break soon after joining?

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  • chinese bang hairstyles

  • gc_on_demand
    10-20 11:39 AM
    USCIS posted processing time as of Aug 31 2009.

    They also updated information on their site about backlog.

    USCIS: National Processing Volumes and Trends ( .

    Backlog for I 485 pre adjudicated application went up by 20k. USCIS has mentioned few times that they will pre adjudicate all cases by Oct 2009. So we may see increase in those number till Oct 2009 posting. After that we will see reduction. How much reduction.. No one can guess. But definitely EB2 will not get more than 25k per year so it will be easily 5 years to clear all backlog for Eb2. Number may go up because of Eb3 - Eb2 porting after one year when they get their labor approved.

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  • ita
    10-29 03:18 PM
    I understand that when we re-enter the country using AP we will be given I-94 with the validity period just like that of AP.
    So when we renew AP will they even renew the I-94?

    Thank you.


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  • chinese bang hairstyles.

  • Scythe
    03-21 02:47 PM
    Hey glos, I thought you were a Brit.

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  • jayaprabha
    08-19 01:30 AM

    Completed my 6 years on H1B and returned back to India on personal reasons.

    1. When I apply for a new H1B after 1 year break, does the H1B comes under the quota or will it be considered on previously held H1B quota.

    2. How sure about getting approval of H1B.



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  • sam_hoosier
    09-16 02:16 PM
    ... at the blazing speed of 22 days a month.


    Even small progress is good at this stage :D

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  • wallpaper chinese bang

  • Blog Feeds
    10-28 12:20 PM
    Delaware Immigration Lawyer Blog Has Just Posted the Following:

    Some decisions and cases support that a corporation even if it is owned and operated by a single person may hire that same individual in an H-1B capacity. This is based on the concept that the corporation is a separate legal entity fron its owner. However, self-sponsored H-1Bs are subject to careful review. The parties have to prove existence of a bona fide employer and employee relationship.

    More... (


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  • Fun Bob
    03-06 01:02 AM

    I am currently doing my MBA here on a H4 visa. I want to know if I would be eligible to apply for the H1 Visa ( in the 20,000 quota) without converting to
    F1 status. Please advise.

    Thanks in advance...

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  • WaitingYaar
    11-15 10:58 PM
    What are the requirements for using this. Can one exercise this option, if still available in the following scenario when returning from canada - H1 expired, H1 extension filing pending, no receipt notice received yet for H1 extension filing, and I-485 pending.


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  • shouldIwait
    05-14 10:41 PM
    Pictures are listed in required list of documents but they don't ask for them always. My wife went for stamping 4 months back and they just looked at marriage-certificate and my approved petition....that's it ! But I have seen CO's asking for pics.

    So it's a hit/miss kinda deal....

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  • shantanup
    03-20 10:35 AM
    I got my DL reneul yesterday..there want any Visa question asked at all..??..Is texas not following DL reneual only untill your visa expiry date??..:confused:

    Even I got my TX DL renewed for 6 more years 2-3 months ago and that too on internet. Texas is a real liberal state! Michigan sucks.


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  • Vibes30
    06-12 08:56 AM
    .........This is not a warez board.......

    .........Do not ask for or request software of any kind that may be construed as pirating.......

    .........You have been warned.........

    .........It is only a matter of time before upuat8 is all over this post........

    .........Thank you for your immediate attention.......

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  • yestogc
    07-17 02:50 PM
    LOL, do people really think that 10 year visa at consulate means they can stay for entire 10 years in one go .................. wow


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  • sundarpn
    06-21 11:05 PM
    My spouse plans to start her Masters program on H4. I am told that she can, at anytime apply for Change of status to F-1. I am myself on H1b.

    1. I would like her to continue studies on H4 and change to F-1 via COS only if needed. i.e. as a back up option, in case I loose my H1 status via layoffs etc..). Is this possible?

    If her H4 to F-1 COS is filed, should my H1b remain valid till her COS to F-1 is approved? I am told COS can take several months. Thx.

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  • natrajs
    09-05 03:19 PM
    Good Find


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  • singhv_1980
    02-11 05:35 PM
    Should be pretty straight forward. Ask her to take the signed I-20, financial support docs, letter from the department, and also from advisor (if possible). Though in our case, the VO didnt ask for a single doc but its good to have them all.

    Good Luck!

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  • sxk
    05-18 10:02 AM
    Here is my scenario;

    My ex employer (ABC) applied for my green card in 2006. In 2007, I got my 140 approved and I applied for 485. In 2009, I changed jobs using my EAD. ABC still holds my H-1b. Also, I did not file for AC21 yet.

    ABC still owes me close to 25k in back pay. I want to report them to Dept of labor and get my money back. What are my options and what are the ramifications of doing so on my green card process?


    If ABC revoked my 140, what should I do? Can I still renew my EAD and AP and continue with my employment in US? My current company is a fortune 20 company and they will support me with any documentation needed?

    Since, ABC still holds my h1b, aren't they liable to pay me till date?

    Please advice

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  • arulz
    09-08 01:18 AM
    Hello Everybody,

    Has anybody gone to Chennai US Consulate for H-1b revalidation lately?

    Please share your experiences as I am planning to go and get my visa stamped this month.

    Please advice.

    04-17 08:56 PM
    When I click the link above, I get page cannot be found. can you please tell us what is the issue regarding this???
    welcome to iv smsrao ;) ;)

    05-02 01:44 PM

    To all those who have received the FP notices,are your I-485 dates current for Processing ? or you have received these notices after the lapsing of the earlier FP ??

    I have done one FP initially when my Case was filed.Its been long since the validity of that FP has lapsed. Should i be expecting another FP notice??
    Is fresh FP notice being sent to all those whose FP validity has expired? or are they doing that in a random manner ??

    Please do reply.


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