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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

summer hairstyles 2008

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  • ras
    07-01 06:27 PM
    Currently am on H1 with GC Sponsoring company. I have also filed my I 485 in July 07.

    I have got a contract project interview with a prominent company. But I was told that I have to be on W2. I am not clear what does that mean.

    Does it mean that I have to move over to EAD if I get the offer?

    Can I still work with the sponsoring company and be on w2 for the contract. I am not sure what is correct way of going with the offer. Can some one help me understand this?

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  • ramus
    03-19 08:26 AM
    Send me IM.. I know about this company...

    Are you from NC? If so please also join our state chapter.

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  • sparuthi
    01-07 06:02 PM
    I have a question for the gurus. I have my GC application in process- priority date March 2006, EB2 I. When the application started my wife was on H4.

    Now my wife is on H1B, and her employer has asked if she would like to have her GC processing done. Question is that can she get her application started and can I be the beneficiary on her application. The rationale behind this thought process is that considering the economic conditions, is this a safety net that one can use?

    Prompt responses are appreciated



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  • ncmahesh
    05-02 03:23 PM
    My friends h1b got rejected 2years back , he once again applied for new one in this fin year from diffrent company , does old petion will effect the new one, as he not shown th eold one while filing the new one


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  • Ramba
    05-15 03:47 PM
    Thanks for polling. If more people vote, we can analyze how the impact of june visa bullition. Also, we can probabaly estimate how the july and aug visa bulliton will be.

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  • Pagal
    07-17 06:25 AM

    Higher salary is typically not a problem, especially if the job classification is still same as per LCA. If the job classification has changed, then its better to file for a new LCA. I had refiled LCA twice while on H1-B...


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  • ashwinkumara
    05-20 01:29 AM
    Regional Passport Office, Chennai (

    Try going in person to the regional passport office. ( If the Police Verification step is complete)

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  • texasdesi
    01-10 12:25 AM
    If i have labor and 140 approved with previous employer, can i go back to join them on H1B and continue GC process? Appreciate any advise. The new company is unable to start GC process due to economic conditions and capout date is Sept 2010.


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  • gc_wisc
    04-13 10:42 PM
    I'm currently on H1B with a pending employment based I485 (EB3 category). I married my wife (USC) a year and an half ago and we decided to file a family based I1485 petition. We are currently preparing the forms and we have a few questions.

    1. I485: Application Type Question: In my employment based I485, the option a. was selected for Application Type (An immigrant petition giving me an immediately available immigrant visa number that has been approved). What should we choose for this family based petition.

    2. I765: (a) Applying For: When the company applied for employment based 485 few years ago, I got my EAD. I never used EAD as I always had my H1B. Hence, should I select "Permission to accept employment" or "Renewal of my permission to accept employment (attach previous employment authorization)"?
    (b) Question 16: Eligibility under 8 CFR 274a.12 ( ) ( ) ( ). For my employment based application, it was (C) (9) ( ). What should it be for my family based application now?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-17 12:50 PM
    Given the Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad�s immigration history, the common refrain of �let�s just close our borders to all immigrants� is (not surprisingly) becoming more vocal. After all, as the argument goes, if someone like Shahzad (who apparently is not one of the �best and brightest�) is able to obtain a student visa, then an H-1B �specialty occupation� work visa, a green card, and the ultimate prize of U.S. citizenship � all in a span of less than 8 years -- then perhaps we need to take a step back, take a deep breath and just close our borders...

    More... (


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  • instantkarma
    05-28 08:58 AM
    I have a new job offer from one of the largest product based company's Global Consulting Professional services.
    1. I am in a PORTABLE AC21 situation over 180 days of 485 filing and an approved I-140.
    2. I have requested the company to prefer my EAD over their H1B offering.

    1. If I take their H1B offer, what are the risks of USCIS asking me a client letter before joining? Please note it is a huge org. The company intends to take me in after obtaining LIN# from premium H1B processing.
    2. The prevailing wage on my LC when filed in 2005 was $60,757 and the offered wage at that time from my company was $76545. My NEW offer in 2010 stands at $118000. Is that an issue?
    3. If I use my EAD which is expiring September2010 and due renewal can I keep continuing work until obtaining new EAD?


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  • martinvisalaw
    09-04 05:14 PM
    You can only change the name on the visa by applying for a new visa. Since that is probably impractical and too much trouble, I recommend keeping the visa as is until you need a new one. If the name on your other documents is your married name, you can carry a copy of your marriage cert. to show the reason for the difference.


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  • Blog Feeds
    06-09 11:50 PM
    The other team competing in this year's Stanley Cup (which will end on Friday) is the great Detroit Red Wings organization. And they've got a mostly immigrant roster as well including these players: Daniel Cleary - Canada Pavel Datsyuk - Russia Aaron Downey - Canada Kris Draper - Sweden Jonathan Ericsson - Finland iValtteri Filppula - Finland Johan Franzen - Sweden Darren Helm - Sweden Tomas Holmstrom - Sweden Marian Hossa � Czech Republic Jiri Hudler - Czech Republic Jakub Kindl � Czech Republic Tomas Kopecky - Sweden Niklas Kronwall - Sweden

    More... (

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  • dealsnet
    02-11 06:48 PM
    CHECK WIKIPEDIA.can some kind souls please explain to me what is the meaning of 'retrogression'?

    thank you



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  • miamivice4u
    05-14 02:14 PM
    Does anyone know what this means?
    Current Status: This case has been sent to another office for processing.

    On May 14, 2007, we transferred this I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location for processing and sent you a notice explaining this action. Please follow any instructions on this notice. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, call customer service. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done. This case has been sent to our NATIONAL BENEFITS CENTER location. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. Just follow the link below to register.

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  • sandy_anand
    07-25 09:41 AM
    nope, nothing for far as I can understand


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  • Blog Feeds
    01-20 08:10 AM
    A fat report and one with some helpful recommendations and statistics. Here are some of the more interesting items I found - - Of the top 150 H-1B employers, 24 were deemed H-1B dependent (a high percentage of workers on the H-1B) and 9 had prior H-1B violations. - Real earnings growth for US workers in occupations with proportionately more H-1B workers - particularly IT - was actually much stronger than the general US worker. - Engineers and IT professionals on H-1Bs were more than twice as likely as their US counterparts to have advanced degrees. - The proportion of...

    More... (

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  • friend99
    10-08 05:37 PM

    I had a question regarding the july bulletin where it was mentioned that Old fees is entertained for employment based petetions while family based it would be new fees for I485.

    Mine was applied by my company on July 2nd with old fees and Spouse's was applied on August 3rd with old fee and was rejected! I-140 was approved on August 8th and applied in March 2007!

    Did they confuse with family based and rejected for fees?

    Spouse should also be employment based right!

    Can somebody answer my question or suggest any other possibilities for rejection?


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  • varinder
    02-05 02:30 PM
    Hello All,
    As per the latest regulations, the employer has to pay for all the labor application cost. My employer has agreed to do my green card, but are little hesitant to pay the cost (due to budget constraint). What legal options/adjustments can I make with my employer so that the cost process is not delayed? Thanks in advance.

    05-06 06:15 PM
    that is really nice - added this one up :)

    08-04 06:42 PM
    I saw an update in my case status on July 10th.
    It says, RFE received and case reprocessing started..what does this mean?
    anybody else has seen this?

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