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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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    06-22 10:10 AM
    It's hard not to watch in amazement as protesters from across Iran are managing to get videos and pictures out to the world of their fight for liberty despite the fact that most journalists are barred from reporting. They are using communications technology as their weapon against the regime and the camera phone has been at the center of it all. Two years ago I honored Philippe Kahn on this site as my immigrant of the day. Kahn, a French immigrant to the US, invented the camera phone in 1997 so that he could take pictures of his new child...

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  • jackzowie
    08-31 09:46 PM
    Thank you for reading this thread.
    I applied for green card via national interest waiver category, and I decided to obtain green card through consular processing. To be eligible to get the immigrant visa in my home country, I showed consulate an offer letter from a U.S. company.

    My question is , do I really have to work on that job after I enter U.S. ? Because I am not very interested in that position. And I am thinking about studying for an MBA, instead of working.
    I was given a temporary green card when I entered the custom. It usually takes 2 month to get the official green card. But if I reject that offer , would my green card be revoked ?


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  • cr125rider
    05-01 08:20 PM
    First one is my favorite but both are really, really nice.

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  • salvador marley
    05-01 10:21 PM
    dont worry - its gone :(


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  • Blog Feeds
    10-26 11:40 AM
    The last few months have been extremely challenging for H-1B applicants as the Department of Labor iCert program for filing Labor Condition Applications has proven to be deeply flawed. Gone are the days of instant LCA approvals. Now, applications routinely take at least a week to approve and a high percentage of applications are being rejected because of problems with the DOL software. Frequently, applicants need to file an application immediately to remain in status, but USCIS requires an approved Labor Condition Application be included with the application. The USCIS' Ombudsman has weighed in recommending USCIS revisit that policy. Instead,...

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  • KKtexas
    12-08 11:28 AM
    Hi All,
    I have already moved to AC21 with one of the big firm and now I am planning to move to Small Company. My job duties will remain same and salary will be greater than my labor filled wages. Questions I have are,

    1.Does it matter size of new company in terms of money or number employee for continuing my GC process ?.

    2. In case of RFE, Will there be question on Ability to Pay on new small company?

    Thanks for your time.



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    08-12 09:50 AM
    U. S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has issued instructions on making inquiries with the agency�s four Service Centers. Customers, community-based organizations and liaison groups should follow this guidance when inquiring about case related issues. This new process standardizes customer service and streamlines processing of customer inquiries at USCIS Service Centers. The step-by-step instructions are as follows:
    Step 1: National Customer Service Center (NCSC) can be contacted at 1-800-375-5283. The NCSC can assist customers, community-based organizations and liaison groups with case related inquiries. Please get your Receipt No. the NCSC please have available your receipt number, alien registration number, type of application filed and date filed. We recommend you note down:
    -The name and/or id number of the NCSC representative
    - The date and time of the call
    - Any service request referral number, if a service referral on a pending case is taken.

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  • kpkrind
    05-15 11:30 AM


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  • SGP
    03-27 07:02 AM
    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$GOOD MORNING GC$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Deadline = April 30th, 2011
    Goal = 5000 votes on survey (see I-485 filing w/o current PD thread) and momentum to continue with this campaign.The survey is a platform to gather and push for launching action items. Based on response by 04/30/2011 - IV will decide whether to even proceed with initiative or not.
    Actions - 1) Vote on survey.
    2)Email with PD, ph#,email & subject "I485 filing impacted�,
    3)Print/Circulate Fliers and spread FB, wiki link (see "support thread")

    This is a supporting thread to the "Want to File I-485 without Current Priority Date? Gather here" thread started by pappu.

    As suggested by pappu/starsun, this supporting thread provides impacted members with additional information and tools to help the initiative.

    Visit Immigration Voice Wiki ( 2C_and_EB3.29) - for overview of Employment Based - Green Card process
    Visit I485 Filing w/o current PD Wiki ( - for overview of this initiative

    As pappu stated in the first post of the above referenced thread - some of the ongoing efforts include finding how many IV members would get benefit from such a provision and get basic details such as username/Priority Date of impacted members. Future action items might include drafting documents and letters to support this provision. There maybe actions such as sending emails etc. However we would not be able to open a public action item unless we can have thousands of our members willing to participate in a grassroots action item. This survey intends to understand the needs of our membership for this provision and collect grassroots information.

    The fact is we have a dedicated group of volunteers (and we need more) who have been trying their best to spread the message about this initiative so that a strong grass-roots support can be created leading up to launch of the public action items. So far we have around 1100 people who have responded. Based on quick calculations carried out using PERM data, it is estimated that there are at least 60K-70K EB applicants waiting to file I-485/EAD/AP (this is a very conservative estimate..the actual number could be much more). Grass-roots initiatives require time and patience and we request maximum number of impacted folks to participate actively.
    What can you do to participate?
    1) Vote on the poll/survey created by Pappu.

    Then please send an email to (starsun) with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your a) IV username b) Email address c) Phone #, d) State of Residence e) Priority Date - so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated

    2) Print out below Flier and circulate at all asian/indian malls/groceries/theaters. Forward the flier to your friends/co-workers and ask them to do the same.

    I485 Filing Initiative Flier (

    3) Volunteers have created a facebook community and an Immigration Voice WIKI page to spread the message about this initiative. Please circulate these links among your friends/co-workers who will be helped.

    Please "Share" and "Link" and "send to friend" the facebook community via your Facebook account. Also include these two links when you post on the IV forum.

    Facebook - IV I485 filing w/o current PD initiative community (!/pages/Immigration-Voice-Grass-roots-Campaigns/150562351660693?v=info)

    (Just FYI that you might have to be logged in for the above link to direct to the facebook community. Alternately, search for "Immigration Voice Grass-roots Campaigns" to find the community after logging in. Search "Immigration Voice" to go to the IV's main facebook page)

    Immigration Wiki -
    I485 Filing Initiative - IV Wiki (

    PM these members for additional info:
    nmdial ; geevikram ; vbkris77 ; ashwin_27 ; snathan
    Dedicated members can also join the leaders group:

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  • cygent
    12-29 07:46 PM

    Please help with the search feature -

    in FireFox, there is a nothing next to the "Image Verification" field.
    in IE, a "X" appears next to the "Image Verification" field, indicating the image cannot be displayed.

    Anybody got this to work? Should I change any settings?

    Sorry, I didn't know where else to post this.


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-05 09:40 AM
    A Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General report has been released which paints a very troubling picture of the 287(g) program which allows local and state law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration laws. The report doesn't mince words:We observed instances in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement and participating law enforcement agencies were not operating in compliance with the terms of the agreements. We also noted several areas in which Immigration and Customs Enforcement had not instituted controls to promote effective program operations and address related risks. Immigration and Customs Enforcement needs to (1) establish appropriate performance measures and...

    More... (

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  • vallabhu
    02-04 01:10 PM
    Hi guys, How can i find out processing times for I290 B on I140 denial from Texas service center.

    My appeal for Motion to reopen (Appeal to Commissioner) reached them on 1/25/08 and I saw LUD on 2/1/08.


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  • GreenMe
    06-15 04:09 PM
    Hello All,

    I am starting my employment based GC process. My employer is going to file for my labour certificate (LC) thru PERM soon.

    However, I want to know what happens if you Labour Application is not approved by USCIS?

    like - Can you then apply for Labour thru another employer? or start ur Green Card process thru another employer.
    - Can you get H1 extension after 6 year period is complete?

    Kindly advice.


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-22 11:30 AM
    Wow. From The Washington Blade: Applicants for Justice Department internships and honors programs may have been rejected based on their membership in LGBT groups during the Bush administration, the Blade has learned. Numerous applicants were denied entry to the department�s Honors Program and the summer intern program starting in 2006 because of their previous work in what were deemed to be liberal organizations, according to an internal Justice Department report issued last year. The practice occurred while Attorney General Alberto Gonzales led the department. The Blade recently learned that among the blacklisted groups was Immigration Equality, which focuses on LGBT-related...

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  • imh216
    06-25 06:44 PM
    I am US citizen since March 2009. Husband just received an interview notice for August 11 after having filed all required documents and application for I-485 adjustmnent of status. Along with other documents, we submitted a xerox copy of his I-94 which he overstayed. Unfortunately, he lost the original. My concern is, the interview notice states he is to bring the original I-94, which he no longer has. He can prove however the date of his last entry to the US, as he still has a stamp in his passport with admission date, a sticker on his passport cover for baggage and I can probably dig up his boarding pass. Again - we also made a xerox copy of both sides of I-94 when we still had it. What do I do? Should I get a duplicate? Or is the xerox enough for the interview? I would hate his application to be denied because of this. Please let me know if you had a similar experience or any advice on what I should do.

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  • WhatsInaName
    09-01 10:21 AM
    My friend's company is India recently applied for his L1B visa. He is scheduled to go for stamping next week. But, another company has already premium-filed his H1B petition and is expected to hear back from the USCIS anytime now.

    Here's the question: if he gets his L1B visa first, can he later on try and get his H1B visa and enter the country with the H1 visa? Second, if he goes for H1B stamping right after his L1B stamping, will it affect the visa officer's decision in issuing a H1 visa?

    Last question: he has already spent 3 years in the US on a L1B visa. So, if he comes here on a H1B visa, will the 6-year term limit count his 3 yr. stay on L1 visa or will a new clock start when he enters on H1?

    Please chime in if anyone has done this before or has any insight on this matter.


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  • immigrationvoice1
    03-14 03:53 PM
    You are probably in the wrong forum. Most of us here are Employment Based categories. Please field your question in an appropriate website/forum.

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  • glus
    01-19 12:56 PM
    Hi Guys,
    Some time ago I posted a message asking you guys to contact me via a private email if you needed a good attorney. Today I realized I had a lot of private messages. I just changed my profile so you can e-mail me directly.l

    The attorney has a small office, working along without paralegals. She is very nice as a professional and a person. She is not money-driven. If you need her contact, please contact me via a private e-mail or message.


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  • sanju_dba
    03-10 02:39 PM
    isnt that all GC process related expenses should be paid by the employer's / attorney's account?

    Blog Feeds
    06-26 09:40 AM
    Sounding good: THE WHITE HOUSE Office of the Press Secretary __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ ______________________ For Immediate Release June 25, 2009 REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AFTER MEETING WITH MEMBERS OF CONGRESS TO DISCUSS IMMIGRATION State Dining Room 3:17 P.M. EDT THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. We have just finished what I consider to be a very productive meeting on one of the most critical issues that I think this nation faces, and that is an immigration system that is broken and needs fixing. We have members of Congress from both chambers, from parties, who have participated in the meeting and shared a range of ideas....

    More... (

    12-04 11:04 AM
    My case is NSC>>CSC>>NSC and the received date is listed incorrectly on transfer notice....

    Receipt Notice from CSC has correct received date of July 31st 2007
    Transfer Notice from NSC has received date of Oct 12th 2007

    Oct 12th seems to be the date when my case was tranferred back to NSC.

    I have 3 questions for you...
    1) Are other folks also observing this in their case?
    2) Will NSC process my case based on Received date from (CSC notice) or their own transfer notice?
    3) Whats the process to get received date fixed?
    Thanks in advance.

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