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Monday, June 27, 2011

photoshop hairstyle

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  • pcs
    01-06 08:40 AM
    You can port PD even to a new employer. Pl. read other threads which have more info ?

    By the way, during these two off days please tell every friend of yours about IV .............


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  • ralicag
    03-26 02:56 PM
    i like your style :) Good job with the colors

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  • Ann Ruben
    06-23 02:01 PM
    As long as the labor cert. appeal is timely filed you should be able to extend for one more year.

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  • sparuthi
    10-08 01:00 AM

    I just checked my status on line and saw a LUD on my and my wife's pending 485 applications. My priority date is March 2006.

    One reason that I am thinking off is that i had a service request opened on 8/22 when i went for infopass appointment and I recd a letter from USCIS dated Sept 30th with the usual template of saying that "we are processing your application bla bl bla and if you dont hear anything from us in 6 months please call us bla bla bla....."

    However the LUD is not 9/30 but 10/7. I am wondering if anyone else has seen LUDs on their applications.

    My AP and EAD have been renewed long back (about 1 month back).

    Any response in this respect is appreciated




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  • Blog Feeds
    12-23 04:40 PM
    Dallas-Fort Worth Immigration Lawyer Has Just Posted the Following:
    U Visas: extended until February 1, 2010.

    U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) extended the filing deadline for temporary benefits of the U Non-immigrant Interim Relief Program. The temporary benefits program was set to expire December 31, 2009 but has been recently extended until February 1, 2010.

    H-1C Visas: expired December 21, 2009

    USCIS accepted H-1C non-immigrant temporary workers petitions expired December 21, 2009. The H-1C classification authorized up to 500 nurses annually to work in eligible health care facilities. Although the visa classification expired, nurses currently in H-1C status will not be affected.

    For new updates or changes, please visit the USCIS Web site (

    More... (

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  • indo_obama
    05-29 07:24 AM
    i doubt if thats going to solve the problem.... the illegals will come through tunnels or sea


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  • anishNewbie
    09-04 06:30 PM
    Below are the 2 listed jobs.. I am currently working as ABC for XXX comp... I have been working for more than 3 years.. They are planning to file my GC soon..

    I know for a fact that you cannot count current employer exp for GC. If i start working for the same employer on XYZ is it more than 50% different in role so i can count my 3 years experience when applying my GC ??

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  • GC9180
    09-25 03:16 PM

    from the above doc


    .... Each month a determination is made regarding the number of visas that can be made
    available on a worldwide basis. .......
    Numbers are made available in the chronological order of the applicant�s
    priority dates. The monthly cut-off dates, which are used to determine
    whether an applicant�s case is eligible for final interview, are published in the
    Visa Bulletin available on the CA Intranet site....".


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  • Macaca
    04-04 09:06 AM
    The requirements depend on the International Student Office. They will give the best answer.

    In my case, they required a letter from Deptt. I don't remember the contents of the letter.

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  • Blog Feeds
    05-05 01:30 PM
    Former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, appointed by President Reagan, recently made comments on the new law in her home state of Arizona: In a question-and-answer session after a speech to alumni at St. Ignatius College Preparatory School - from which her late husband, John, graduated in 1947 - O'Connor avoided passing legal judgment on the far-reaching law, which would make it a crime for immigrants to be in Arizona without valid residency papers. Still, she said, Arizona 'may have gone a little too far in its authority, in encouraging local law enforcement officers to take action' against anyone...

    More... (


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  • sbmallik
    05-28 10:22 AM
    A Masters degree or Bachelors + 5 years of progressive experience is the minimum requirement for EB2. In addition, your employer must justify in the future job description, that they require to hire a qualified person like you. Yes, it is the lawyer who decides on the employment category.

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  • newxyz100
    07-19 03:36 PM
    While filling my biographical information form (I-325a) I forgot to add one of my residential address which was in a different city where I stayed only for 2 months. I was wondering will that be a major issue?

    I remember this is the address I gave when I got a job and they did a background check on me. If there are any repercussions how do I rectify the solution, can some one please respond?



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  • kirupa
    07-30 02:40 PM
    Added :)

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  • cleopatra
    05-23 09:22 AM
    Do you know how long it takes for the SWA order to be posted after a job order has been requested with the SWA?

    Is it immediate or does it take some time for the SWA to process the job order and then post it?

    Also do you know where we can see the job order after it has been posted? Is there a public site where we can see the jobs?

    Any response is greatly appreciated, especially if you know about mass.


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  • Blog Feeds
    04-08 08:40 AM
    Nina Bernstein, one of the country's best immigration reporters, has a front page story in this morning's Times regarding 30 survivors of the January Haiti earthquake who were airlifted by Marines to the United States and are now sitting in detentions centers in Florida. According to the Times, these individuals were pulled from the rubble and were seeking food, safety or medical care at the airport in Port-au-Prince. When aftershocks struck, the Marines quickly evacuated people via military transports and did not bother with immigration processing. Because these individuals landed without visas, they were taken by DHS into custody and...

    More... (

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  • Deepadandamudi
    01-27 01:00 AM
    you can work on 1099, if you have EAD and you dont need to open any company


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  • vkmm
    10-11 06:43 PM
    Please take this with a grain of salt. This is purely for humor. Take a few minutes to enjoy :)

    The Immigration Debate

    Federation for Immigration Reform

    Bush thinks he can stop illegal immigration?

    Stephen Colbert on Immigration

    Lou Dobbs - Govt. lost at work

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  • vallabhu
    08-07 09:33 AM
    I know this is dumb question to ask as I should not lie on the application and hide my previous application details but the question really is what all documents should I furnish from my existing application.

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  • chinta_ramesh
    11-11 06:15 PM

    I Need an advise on my H1-B extension.

    I came to USA on on L1 Visa in 2003/March and I was on same visa till Dec/2003. ( 9 months).

    In 2004 Jan I filed H1-B and my status changed from L1 to H1-B. Again I filed 2nd extension (for next 3 years) on this H1-B and I got this approval upto given till 2010 Jan.

    My question here is can I wait upto current H1 - B approval validity even though total stay on L1 + H1-B is exceeding the 6 yrs ?

    OR do I need apply for H1-B extension on my approved I-140 (curently in 485 stage of my GC) to get 3 more years extension as 2010 Jan will be my 7th year in USA ?

    06-17 01:52 AM
    No replies. So dropping idea of getting Business Credit Cards - perhaps it is not important at this stage.

    Yes, I did get a business checkin card. Credit card, I guess, I can get only when the EIN number develops some history. Do you already have a business checking card?

    10-29 06:14 PM
    Hello everyone,

    I obtained my F1 visa in Aug,2001 for 5 years and I initially came here for M.S. I have continued for PhD in 2003 and visited India every two years. My F1 expired in Jul,2006 but my I-20 is valid until Dec,2008.The real problem is that I have applied for Canadian PR this Oct and expecting to get it by Oct,2008.
    Once I get my PR, I have to go to Canada for Visa stamping and my questions are related to this:
    1) Since my F1 expired, Can I come back to US after PR stamping, without needing an F1 visa.?
    2) Is it advisable to get my F1 visa stamping in India or Canada next year i.e in Oct 2008, or would it be too late? (since that would be two years after visa expiry).

    PS: I wanted to get my F1 stamping only if it were necessary to go to India.

    Any suggestions would help me a lot and thanks so much in advance.

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