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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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  • brick2006
    12-16 02:56 PM
    i think you should have received it by now...
    follow up with them..

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  • tor78
    04-25 11:33 AM
    You can show/do non-payed or volunteer work on your OPT to avoid the 90 day unemployed restriction.

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  • Nitu Singh
    06-21 02:42 PM
    When is it safe to change employment once you file for I-485?

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  • tillu
    04-02 01:16 PM
    Hi There,

    Is it possible??

    Company "A" negotiating with a person who does not have paystubs, as he always been on bench.

    during this time Company "B" apply for H-1B Transfer(without paystubs as they plan to submit later in a week or so)

    Company "A" did the settlement and issues paystubs etc... but same time they apply cancellation of H1.
    My I-94 is valid untill dec-09

    Can a transfer be done like this???

    Please advise as i am dying day and not make a fun of it.


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  • Blog Feeds
    09-14 10:10 AM
    Yesterday Congressman Joe Wilson talked to reporters about his claim that the President was lying about immigrants having access to health care subsidies under the President's health care plan. According to the NY Times: �I�m for immigration,� [Wilson] said, adding that he had been an immigration lawyer, although he did not specify exactly what he had done. �But people who come toour country and violated our laws, we should not be providing full services.� It struck me immediately that this would be bizarre if true. Going from representing immigrants to being a member of the virulently anti-immigrant Immigration Reform Caucus...

    More... (

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  • H1BGCWait
    09-20 06:56 PM
    I have searched lot of threads regrading AC21 when the new is less. I am currently working in a city. I have applied for 485 on July 2. 140 is approved. I am planning to move to rural area in the same state. Since the location is rural, the pay is lower than pay specified in my current labor. Since they also sponsor GC, I am sure the pay is higher than the prevailing wage.

    Under these circumstances, is it ok to use AC21. Is it possible to argue that the wage is higher than the prevailing wage in the new EVL to be submitted with AC21.

    I am aware AC21 is for "same or similar job". What about pay? ANy issuew with this.

    I appreciate any help.



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  • depressed
    08-14 02:44 PM
    Hi All,

    I was working in one the SWITCH companies before.
    They have a standard experience letter which do not include Roles/ Duties n skills mentioned. I'm having a hard time to get the customized letter from them.

    Now, my attorney is suggesting me to get it from supervisor/ co-worker.
    My ex-manager is ready to give me the letter. He does not work for the same company any more. So, cannot get it on the company letter head.

    Can you please suggest in which format should I get the letter from him.
    Should it be on his personal letter head ??

    Please help me with this as I don't have much time to refile.

    Thanks In Advance!

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  • upuaut8
    11-02 01:47 AM
    yes. Select it, then check out the left hand panel. I believe that "layout" will have a check box which says, "show object" or something similar. This is what you use to make an object transparent.

    This will only work on peices of a grouped object... not the whole group.. keep this in mind.


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  • Iammontoya
    04-11 03:28 PM
    it is possible (answering a question you directed towards Kirupa)

    shift click on the objects you would like to group. Click on arrange and group. To undo it.. click on Arrange (ungroup).

    That should do it.

    Good luck!

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  • chanduv23
    09-13 12:11 PM
    Please see this letter sent by governors of 13 states to the Senate and Congress on 09-11-07.

    Old news - this is the one Arnold put up on his website few days back


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  • Blog Feeds
    08-06 08:20 PM
    This is not really a surprise and it's not because American doctors are in any way inadequate. However, while virtually all US medical school graduates will eventually go on to practice medicine, residency and fellowship slots that go to J-1 and H-1B doctors are filled by doctors who generally finish near the top of their medical school classes. Americans who worry that they are getting inferior medical care going to a internationally-educated doctor should feel more at ease after seeing this data. One group that didn't do well - American-born doctors who go to medical school overseas.

    More... (

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  • ncrtpMay2004
    11-07 02:02 PM
    do we need a funding drive do anything for the lame duck session?


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  • Leo07
    02-08 12:09 PM
    Your obligations to IRS does not interfere with your GC process. This is not a "work" that you are getting paid for, outside your LCA.

    It is very common and people before you have faced it and people after you will face it. Calm down and take this one worry off your list.

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  • sathishav
    02-17 10:44 AM
    I did it through an attorney and captured about 5 months.

    They did a photo copy of my entry/exit dates in the Passport and copy of all my previous I94 cards. Along with that they sent in a Letter asking USCIS for the recapture.

    It was a H1 transfer and recapture at the same time. I got approved for 17 months ( 1 Year + 5months recapture). at that time, I was over 6 years without I140 approved.



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  • mbartosik
    06-15 01:16 PM
    The logic of making everyone current is that USCIS need to use up all the 140,000 visas by end of fiscal year.

    I think that the slot does not get counted against the 140,000 until the GC is approved.

    Therefore, USCIS may need to approve a lot of GC before October.
    That would mean they need to process a bunch of applications within a 3 month period.

    Is my logic flawed? Or might there be hope that some good number of us will get GC in 3 to 4 months?

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  • mrajatish
    07-10 02:45 PM
    Do not do this - please stop playing around with USCIS rules. There are sometimes unfortunate circumstances where folks lose status (e.g., OPT -> H1b) or are kept in dark about their H1B status by employers but for folks who break the law in a way that you are suggesting, I believe they should be punished.


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  • fromnaija
    09-21 11:42 AM
    This is not the appropriate forum to ask your question as most of us here are still waiting to get green card even after waiting upwards of 7 years. Some still have 5 or more years ahead of them barring immigration reforms.

    I would suggest you head to the forum at and you may get some help there. Good luck.

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  • engineer
    03-20 09:11 PM

    Can one apply for Admission in US University while one is on Visit Visa in USA ?

    If yes, will he/ she get I-120 while staying in US ? or one has to leave USA to get I-120, apply for f1 visa and then come on that visa ?

    I will appreciate your answers.


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  • santa123
    09-10 07:34 PM
    With the recent approvals, does anyone have any approx numbers on EB 2 I & EB3 I pending apps till date?:confused:

    03-26 01:22 PM
    Company A filed my PERM in Sep 2008 showing 5 yrs job experience as of April 2005 .

    I joined Company B citing 6 yrs job experience as of Dec 2009 due to various reasons.
    Joined Company B in Dec 2009 and have H1b valid till April 2011 which is when my 6 year period ends.

    My issues are:

    1. If Company B files for my 7th year extension using the pending PERM, will the job experience discrepancy pose any problems ?

    2. Does Company B have to know all the details in my pending PERM or just the case number to use it?

    3. What is the earliest Company B can apply for 7th year extension?

    Thank you very much for your help!!

    08-16 03:14 PM
    Does anyone have any information about the number of applications that were recieved by USCIS till now ?

    I didnt apply for 485 Bcoz, I am not married. So lil curious when my next chance will come

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