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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

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    06-25 01:30 PM
    There is no question that the current economic malaise is a major factor in the current demand being short of the H-1B supply. (As of June 18, 2010, 22,900 regular cap petitions and 9,700 master�s degree exemption petitions have been received by USCIS). But, as reported in one of the authors� previous blogs, the state of our economy is but one of the reasons for the decrease in H-1B usage. Perhaps another reason is an employer�s ability to make use of a relatively recent DHS rule which permits an F-1 visa holder working pursuant to OPT to extend such OPT...

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    07-23 11:40 AM
    Belgian-born Diane Von Furstenberg was profiled yesterday in the New York Times as an example of a fashion designer who is actually doing well despite the economic downturn. Furstenberg has been a major figure in American fashion design for nearly four decades. Her designs are worn by famous women like Jessica Alba, Madonna and Jennifer Lopez. Von Furstenberg gave some common sense advice in the interview that is worth repeating: �It�s more important than ever to have confidence. Everyone else is insecure. If you start to take a little bit of everyone else�s insecurity � forget it.�

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  • simpleguy
    07-24 11:23 AM
    My PD is Dec-04 and I-485 filing date is Sept-07.

    I changed my job in Aug-2008 and discontinued my H1B which is expired in Sept-2008. Now my only legal status is 'adjustment of status from H1B to Permanent Resident'. I think this is very common state most of the people waiting looong for GC fall into.

    Now, I saw one of my friend's i-485 denied (with NO option to reopen!) bcoz an approved I-140 was not attached to this application. I agree that this is not simple mistake for USCIS can ignore, but there is always a 'very very remote' possibility that every application can be quetioned due to some flows in the filing.

    Here is my question: Since I discontinued my H1B status and I am still in this country, can I apply for a fresh H1B? I am thinking because H1B quota is still open this year and to face any unexpected reason for 485 denial!

    thanks in advance!
    - simpleguy

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  • gc_kaavaali
    12-09 11:50 AM
    Please contribute to IV...IV need funds to fix our immigration problems..Please contribute...please help IV to help you..


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  • kumar_herald
    04-04 05:23 PM
    I need expert advice -

    My I-140 has been approved and I-485 pending for more than 18 months. I have a valid EAD & AP. I also have a valid H1-B visa valid till 2011,
    that I am using for my current employment with my current employer

    1. If I get laid-off, how long can I stay in US without another job?
    2. I understand that in order to maintain my eligibility to "port" to a new employer / sponsor under AC21, I should have another job in same or similar occupation. Till I find another job, am I allowed to do some part-time job in different occupation?

    3. If new employer gives me the option to move permanently to its subsidiary in another country, what are the available option for me to continue with green card processing?

    4. If after going out of the country , I want to come back in future before Green card approval, what will be the available options?

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  • chintu25
    07-12 03:20 PM
    :D :D :D :D :D Scheduled System Outages

    On Thursday, July 12, 2007, at 9 PM EDT, certain USCIS web-based systems will be taken out of service for maintenance upgrades. They should be restored in approximately three to four hours. These systems include:

    Case Status Online (and processing times)
    Field Office Locator and Information
    Civil Surgeon Locator; and
    Change of Address Online
    We apologize for the inconvenience.


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  • Rb_newsletter
    04-06 04:26 PM
    Canada�s information and technology sector is soon going to face severe shortage of workforce, findings of a latest study have warned.

    canada immigration (, canada immigration news (

    Yes we have heard similar AINP stories in the past.

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  • immi2006
    11-06 12:00 AM

    MY 485 LUD first happend on the day we went for FP on Oct 24.

    On Nov 3 we saw one more LUD on 485.

    We did not get EAD or AP yet..


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    03-29 07:50 AM
    2010 census data is gradually being released and it should worry anti-immigrants, particularly the Republican Party which has tried to appease the Tea Party gods by embracing a xenophobic agenda. Here's the latest, courtesy of CSM: White Americans are still the majority in the United States, but they�re rapidly being overtaken by Hispanics, according to the latest Census Bureau report, and this could have important political ramifications. During the past decade, the Hispanic population in the United States grew 43 times faster than the non-Hispanic white population, the Census Bureau reported Thursday. Put another way, between 2000 and 2010 the...

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  • sundevil
    06-07 08:52 PM;_ylt=ArnshjTvhSvm1qUHwgpvIYME tbAF

    Republicans were working to break an impasse on a proposal that would let employers continue to handpick the high-skilled workers they want to get green cards, rather than requiring workers to qualify through a new, government-run point system.

    That change, sought by Sen. Maria Cantwell (news, bio, voting record), D-Wash., and Sen. John Cornyn (news, bio, voting record), R-Texas, with vigorous backing from the high-tech community, could upset the delicate balance underlying the contentious immigration measure.


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  • SK06
    02-05 07:53 PM

    I am from India and currently visiting USA on B2 visa. I recently got a job with a very reputed firm in US and applied for an H1B but my application reached USCIS after the H1B quota was full.

    I really want to work for my new employer and would like to know what other options do I have to obtain work permit in USA other than L1 Visa?


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  • pmat
    01-24 12:15 PM
    The category (EB2/EB3) doesn't get transferred. Only the PD can be transferred. So, you will get the old PD for EB3.


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    05-06 06:30 PM
    If H1B extension gets denied and my employer will appeal it. My questions are

    1. Can I allowed to work until I decision is made on appeal?
    2. If appeal is denied, from when I will be consider as out of status? (from I-94 expiry date or appeal decision date)
    3. After appeal denial what is the grace period to leave the US?
    4. Can same employer is allow to file another H1 petition for me?


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  • Blog Feeds
    07-09 03:00 PM
    Earlier today, I mentioned this provision which would bar DHS from using funds to delay or rescind the no-match rule. The amendment passed by a voice vote, but in consulting with a knowledgeable source, it seems likely that the amendment will not have much affect. That's because it bars DHS from using funds from its 2010 budget for this purpose. As long as DHS rescinds the rule before September 30th (which now seems likely given yesterday's DHS announcement), no 2010 funds would be needed to achieve this result. So I would not count on the no-match letter being resurrected any...

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  • gcformeornot
    03-05 05:01 PM
    it is not counted. What you see in W2 that is your wage...

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  • mhkumar
    06-05 11:38 AM
    Is my birth certificate needed to invite my parents on visitor visa? Isn't my SSC certificate showing date of birth and both parents name enough?


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  • xtronics
    11-11 09:56 AM
    Ok. After my lawyers call, they corrected her name. The "a" is still missing from my name though. She thinks it won't be a problem at the port of entry.Hope she is right

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  • immi_enthu
    08-06 11:44 AM
    may be the third USCIS FAQ answers this question. when is it coming ??

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  • ganguteli
    03-04 11:21 AM
    Update your profile please

    11-24 01:36 PM
    Current EAD was supposed to expire in Feb so applied 100 days ahead for renewal. To my surprise application got approved in 10 days:D. Hope they've given for 2 years and starting from expiry date of current one....
    Which center did send your application to?

    02-19 01:35 PM
    Some paras from Almost Everyone Lies, Often Seeing It as a Kindness (

    The perjury trial of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby goes to the jury this week. The case speaks to several issues -- how the Bush administration deals with critics of the war in Iraq, and the games that Washington's reporters and politicians play with each other. As far as the jury is concerned, however, the case is about only one thing: lying.

    One particularly well-qualified witness on this subject was not called by either the prosecution or the defense, so today we cross-examine Robert Feldman ourselves. Feldman is a social psychologist at the University of Massachusetts who studies lying in everyday life, and his findings are just the kind of thing that Libby's lawyers could have pounced on.

    Feldman's experiments show that stern-faced judicial proceedings about perjury are as remote from the realities of human behavior as President Bush is from the Nobel Peace Prize. For one thing, lying plays a more complex role in human relationships than the black-and-white legal view recognizes. It is also so commonplace in everyday life that putting people on trial for lying is somewhat like putting them on trial for breathing.

    Experiments have found that ordinary people tell about two lies every 10 minutes, with some people getting in as many as a dozen falsehoods in that period. More interestingly -- and Libby might see this as the silver lining if he is found guilty -- Feldman also found that liars tend to be more popular than honest people. (Ever notice how popular politicians somehow change their minds on controversial issues such as the war in Iraq at the exact moment that public opinion on those issues changes?)

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