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Friday, June 17, 2011

Bikini girls North America as a 2010 mode

Though the rear suspension is the fairly unsophisticated torsion bar setup and not state-of-this-segment multi-link, the dampers as used on the Fiat Grande Punto Abarth sister car have shown us that Fiat Automobiles knows what its doing.The name MiTo is taken from the two cities that have formed the history of Alfa Romeo, Milan and Turin (“Torino” to the locals). The pleasing design as seen here, in fact, has been led by a team recently relocated back in the semi-abandoned traditional Alfa headquarters in the town of Arese northwest of Milan. Should the MiTo set the car world aflame as its smaller sibling the 500 has done, maybe that tattered factory can once again hit the full-on switch.MiTo goes on sale in late autumn of this year after it’s Paris motor show debut in September and….plans are in the works to take the MiTo truly global by bringing it to North America as a 2010 model. Pricing will be right in the ballpark with Mini.

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